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Citronella Hanging Coil

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Citronella Hanging Coil
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3 Stars
not quite there
Pictures can sometimes be deceiving... or.. we 'create' a vision of what we think something looks like.. I was disappointed in this product that I was very excited about... the coil is very fragile and part of it was broken in the box... the string that it hangs from is short and very fine.. not sturdy enough for what you need it for... when I did burn it, I cannot say it 'worked'... disappointed in this..
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Submitted on: 7/14/2018 Reviewed by: colleen
1 Star
Super disappointed — design flaw
I absolutely love this concept, but there’s a design flaw. The string used to hold these together is not sufficient to hold the weight of the coil, meaning when the strings holding it in its shape break, the coil breaks into pieces. So, I have a bunch of fragmented, broken pieces hanging by one piece and it looks so terrible I had to take these down. Before everything broke (one broke from the weight on the first day, my other one on day 3), I found them effective. Unfortunately, until they fix the string:weight ratio, don’t spend the money.
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Submitted on: 6/23/2018 Reviewed by: Anna W.