Get to know these sustainable heroes. Each set has an even dozen baking cups.

The best silicone you can get: These BPA- and BPA-free baking cups aren’t just sustainable —they’re also nonstick (no need for cooking spray), stain-resistant, and naturally antimicrobial to boot.

Ready for anything: Pop our baking cups in any standard muffin tray and they’re ready to go. No cupcake pan? No problem: Just line ’em on a baking sheet. Freeze a few baked goodies or reheat some individual-sized frittatas, too—our liners are freezer- and microwave-friendly.

Convenient pull tabs: Get baked goods out of the tray faster with the little handles on the rims of each liner. Bonus: Muffins will also get to your mouth faster since there’s no paper to peel.

Fill line indicator: You’ll notice a subtle texture change on the insides of our baking cups—that tells you how much batter to pour so things don’t spill over.