Too Many Cooks: Our Favorite Ways to Cook Chicken

April 25, 2014

You'll be hearing from the staff at Food52 in Too Many Cooks, our group column in which we pool our answers to questions about food, cooking, life, and more.  

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Chicken's universal appeal is pretty logical: It can be roasted or braised, fried or grilled, cooked whole or nuggeted and dipped in ketchup. Plus, we love that it's a blank canvas for flavor, just as happy bathed in lemon and wine as it is stewed and pulled apart to fill a spicy enchilada. So in honor of the mighty, versatile chicken, we've rounded up our savvy team and asked: 

What is your favorite way to prepare chicken? 

Bryce: Via crockpot! It makes for the best chicken salad ever. 

Brette: Roasted, with tons of black pepper. I also love a good chicken piccata

Laura Bray: I like to roast a whole chicken stuffed with lemons and onion until the skin is nice and crispy, but the inside remains tender and juicy. Then I proceed to eat all the skin off first! When we finish off the meat, we use the bones for homemade stock. It's the most budget-friendly process ever.

Karl: Brined, butterflied, high roasted at 500° F on a broiling pan, where underneath lay sliced carrots -- the carrots (or potatoes, or other root vegetables) prevent the fat from scorching and make for a delicious side! I might be on the braise train as well after cooking Merrill's recipe last week.

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Haley: Fried chicken on waffles. Otherwise, I agree with Brette on the simplicity of the black pepper roasting situation. I starred in the first grade play "Chicken Little & The Sky is Falling," and my mom kept my Chicken Little costume, so let me know if you need it to wear during your research.

Catherine: In the summertime, nothing beats fried chicken. It's crunchy, fatty, salty, and utterly delicious -- and it makes the best breakfast when eaten cold out of the fridge. However, I also love a bird that's been stewed for hours and hours in a coq au vin situation, or anything that can be stuffed into enchiladas. Sorry, chicken wings -- I was never a fan.

Jackie: Is it bad if I say fried chicken

Danny: Fried Chicken: The breakfast of champions.

Christina: Brined and grilled Some Like it HOT Pollo alla Diavola.

Stephanie: The simplest roast possible -- just salt and pepper, maybe rosemary if it's a special occasion.

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Jojo: Roasted, and stuffed with clementines, onions, and thyme! 

Marian: So I don't actually eat chicken anymore, but when I was in Argentina a few years back (on my gap yah), I would order chicken -- not the requisite steak -- at every meal. They'd bring out half a chicken, perfectly cooked, presented with just half a lemon, for squeezing. It was the most flavorful poultry you ever did taste, likely because of the quality of their birds and the parrillas (traditional grills) they used. 

Merrill: Thighs braised in pretty much anything.

Allison: I definitely have to second Merrill -- braised chicken thighs. Though I do love me some fried chicken... 

Erin: I glaze drumsticks in sweet chili sauce (homemade, if I have time). Then I roast them in a super-hot oven or grill them until that sweet stuff is all sticky and crispy. Then I add a hefty sprinkling of cilantro and some lime squeezage.

Tell us in the comments: What's your favorite way to prepare chicken?

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Lawrence October 29, 2014
My vote is open grill and fire. Also thought this might add to the original question. I searched on Twitter and found a conversation where people mention their favorite pumpkin recipes.. there’s some good suggestions:
Lawrence October 29, 2014
*chicken recipes.. whoops i'm in the halloween spirit at the moment
Rhonda35 April 27, 2014
Nothing beats a chicken roasted with lemons and thyme. Mmmm! Like @Laura Bray, I eat all the skin first - and the "oysters". Other all-time favorite chicken recipes are The Silver Palate's crowd-pleasing Chicken Marbella and Jamie Oliver's riff on chicken braised in milk.
phip April 26, 2014
Braised in white wine, vinegar, garlic, rosemary, olives and pepper flakes. A Roman Cacciatore.
anotherfoodieblogger April 26, 2014
Roasted chicken hands down. And I concur, eating the skin first is a must.
Carol D. April 26, 2014
I love roast chicken - yes - but this is Chinese Soy Poached chicken is the bomb. -- It's great for a crowd. I used the basic recipe to make mini Korean chicken sliders for a cocktail party for 80 (cooked 10 chicken? I think) -- and used it as the main dish for a Chinese New Year's birthday dinner for 10 people to great acclaim in February. It's super simple - and - Def. make a ginger scallion relish to go with it. (Google it - it's really easy - and addictive)
luvcookbooks April 26, 2014
Asopao de pollo with skinless chicken thighs ... super easy. Cook the chicken in a sofrito (Puerto Rican sofrito has cilantro, onion, garlic, sweet pepper, maybe some aji dulce which is a mild hot pepper, all blended in the blender) for about 20 minutes, add tomato sauce, alcaparrado (a mix of green olives, pimentos, and capers), some raw rice, and stock or water, then cook til you have soupy rice with chicken.
Sabine April 26, 2014
Right now, I like my chicken soft & milky - salt, pepper, (butter)milk, water.
ChefJune April 26, 2014
I love chicken so many different ways, but favorite? Hands down, roast chicken. It's good hot, cold, on a picnic, for a banquet, a snack, any time at all! And if you want to show off a favorite wine? It's a great foil.
Fairmount_market April 25, 2014
This slow roasted chicken:
louisez April 25, 2014
Chicken soup -- with kreplach