Video: How to Shuck Scallops

May  6, 2014

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Today: Don't let looks deceive you -- with Mario Batali's How To Tuesdays series, shucking scallops has never been so easy (or fun). 

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We're used to the softer side of scallops -- to their pristine white, translucent muscles, displayed artfully atop a pile of ice at the fish market. We sometimes pay a few extra bucks per pound to take them home like this: trimmed, cleaned, and ready, with little thought about from whence they came. 

Few of us have gotten to know the whole scallop -- the scallop with the hard exterior and little boot, the scallop that needs just a bit of cajoling to come out of its large, fortified shell. It's easier (and more rewarding) than you think. So, go ahead -- watch, learn, and get shucking.

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This video was made in collaboration with Mario Batali.

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Julie Myers

Written by: Julie Myers

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Liz B. May 6, 2014
Whoa, very cool. No one ever eats the rest of the scallop? The muscle is obviously beyond delish, but is it absolutely necessary to toss the rest? - a clean eating bento blog. Japanese or Asian-inspired!