Hotline MVP of the Month

May 25, 2014

Every month we'll choose a Food52er to thank for his or her generous guidance on the Hotline. 

Today: A round of applause for Diana B.

Hotline Food52er of the Month

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We’ve all had our fair share of kitchen disasters (or, as we prefer to think of them, learning experiences), but they’re a lot less likely to happen when you know you have the Food52 community a keystroke away, ready to chime in and help solve all of your cooking conundrums. To thank our members for their dedication to guiding fellow cooks through food-related quandaries, every month we’ll choose a Food52er whose activity on the Hotline has caught our eye, and treat him or her to a $25 gift certificate to Provisions.  

With a knowledgeable and active community like ours, we'll have a difficult decision on our hands every month. With that said, we’re pleased to announce that May’s Hotline MVP is Diana B.! You’ll notice her chiming in from time to time on the Hotline, often with encouraging words, but the bulk of her helpful contributions happen behind the scenes. Diana B. helps to groom the Hotline -- she keeps the content clean by flagging inappropriate activity, catching duplicate posts, and spotting bugs (the tech team loves her persistence).

Congratulations to Diana B., and thanks to everyone who participates over on the Hotline -- the community wouldn’t be the same without you.

Want to boost your kitchen karma? We’re looking for enthusiastic participation throughout the month that is helpful, thoughtful, and considerate. 

Photo by James Ransom 

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