Your Photos: Rhubarb

June  5, 2014

This week, we asked you to show rhubarb some love -- and you went wild. You diced it and roasted it; baked it into pies and coaxed it down into compotes. Some of you just marveled at the leggy beauties at the farmers market. Rhubarb may be tough and sour at first, but when you give it just a bit of care and attention, it will reward you -- we've got the photos to prove it.

Rhubarb  rhubarbrhubarb  rhubarb  

Clockwise from top left, these 'grams comes from: emcdowell, thelittleredbutton, mollyyeh, and thebrokenbread.

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rhubarb  rhubarbrhubarb  rhubarb    

Clockwise from top left, these 'grams comes from: hummingbirdhighlondonlapin, yossyarefi, and eat_in_my_kitchen

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  • Yessica
  • molly yeh
    molly yeh
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Yessica June 5, 2014
Shall I even say this....? As a first timer on rhubarb, should I ease my way in or plunge full force? I have always been curious and would like to try it. What does it taste like? Does the texture change much once cooked?
molly Y. June 5, 2014
rhubarb is totally the queen of the farmers market. <3 <3 <3