3 Things to Pick Up at the Market This Weekend

July 26, 2014

Here at Food52, we like to talk about what we’re buying at the market: what’s new, what’s exciting, the market's best finds. This is our water cooler talk. And now, we want you to join in. 

Table scene with plums

The Food52 editors are still knee-deep in stone fruit heaven, and we're spending the weekend whipping up drupe-filled cakes, tarts, and crumbles. But first, a trip to the market is in order: Here's what we can’t wait to pick up -- and why you should be adding it to your bag, too. 

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Fresh Pluots

You’ll likely be forgiven if you swipe the last one from the icebox, but plums are so good right now that you should stock up again. (If you pick up less-than-perfect plums, roast them to coax out their sweeter side.) Follow Sarah’s lead and make a plum schlumpf -- it’s our favorite way to bake with summer fruits. Another favorite to try: pluots -- the sweet cross between plums and apricots. 

Balance these beauties at the top of your market basket -- currants are fragile -- plus they’re so pretty you’ll want to be able to keep staring at them. For a refreshing summery treat, freeze strigs of currants and either enjoy them straight up (like teeny-tiny tart ice pops) or drop them in a glass and let them dress up a beverage.

Mountain Mint
Keep your eyes peeled for this wilder member of the mint family -- it’s a little bit spicier, and has a hint of licorice. Like your herbs personified? Kenzi has you covered: “If regular mint went to Princeton and got straight As, mountain mint is the spunky younger sister who dropped out of high school and followed jam bands around the country instead.” If you can’t find mountain mint, stick with regular mint or lemon balm; any one of the three will perk up salads and roasted vegetables all week long.

Tell us: What are you adding to your bag this week?

Photos by James Ransom

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    Lindsay-Jean Hard
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Pegeen July 27, 2014
Love the poetry references in this column. Today's "the last one from the icebox," And the fig poem in a recent column. It's like the game of "finding the Nina's" in Al Hirschfeld's illustrations for The New York Times "Arts" section from days of yore.
Lindsay-Jean H. July 28, 2014
marcellatp July 27, 2014
Corn, green beans (so tender they were sampling them raw) tomatoes and raspberries. Also spotted the first gravenstein apples - how can fall be so close?
Lindsay-Jean H. July 28, 2014
I don't know either -- I'm not ready for fall!