It's Our Birthday & We're Giving You a Present!

August  5, 2014

It’s our birthday! One year ago, we launched our Provisions shop. Today we're celebrating -- to celebrate with us, tell us in the comments by Monday, August 11th at 5PM EST what product from Provisions you'd want for your birthday. One lucky winner will get his or her pick!

Update: Congratulations to our winner: Betty Liu! We can't wait to see all the birthday cakes you serve on your new gold-rimmed plates!

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How we eat has never stopped with the food we're cooking. It's always gone beyond that -- to the pots we cook in, the platters we serve on, and the linen napkins we set the table with. That's why, for years, we've been collecting and sourcing gorgeous dishes to use in our own office and home kitchens. But we always wished for a shop that carried similar pieces -- a place to find a perfect housewarming gift, or a top-quality vinegar, or a durable vintage copper pot. A place with both functional, best-of-the-best cooking tools and accessories for our home.

And so we launched Provisions -- one year ago tomorrow -- and now our baby is turning one. To celebrate, we’re throwing a party. Here’s how we do birthdays, Food52-style:

1. Start with cake. Always, in life, start with cake. We’re thinking big, so we made 7 cakes, including strawberry-mousse, vanilla buttercream, and dark chocolate. We went all out, but if you aren’t confident in your cake-decorating skills, just use a cake banner or cake toppers -- they’ll make any dessert look festive with little effort.

More: We like options. Here are 11 more ways to start with cake.


2. Champagne is a must. Don’t save the bubbly for New Year’s Eve. Exciting drinks like sparkling wine or fun cocktails make a party better (actually, they make every day better). If you want to really get wild, buy a sword and learn to saber your Champagne


3. Decorate! We strung up this Happy Birthday banner on the wall, lit some candles in luminary bags, and threw around some confetti. Because YOLO.


4. Wrap up a gift in pretty paper and twine, and write a card (preferably a quirky letterpress one). If you’re giving something oddly-shaped and hard to wrap (like a bottle of wine), tie a patterned cotton tea towel around it (two gifts in one!).


And while we’re on the topic of presents, we’d like to give you one! Tell us in the comments by Monday, August 11th at 5PM EST what Provisions product you’d like to get for your birthday and why. We’ll pick one winner and give you your pick! 

Photos by James Ransom

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  • lynda
  • kfles
  • Christina @ Christina's Cucina
    Christina @ Christina's Cucina
  • Shannon Dunn
    Shannon Dunn
I like warm homemade bread slathered with fresh raw milk butter, ice cream in all seasons, the smell of garlic in olive oil, and sugar snap peas fresh off the vine.


Sharon August 7, 2017
Happy Birthday! My choice would be the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro Holm Oak Steak Knives (Set of 4). Need some good steak knives!
lynda August 11, 2014
hbd! the vitamix for my parents' september birthdays (:
kfles August 11, 2014
I think I'd have to say the canner & stock pot because learning how to can is my next big kitchen project! Felicidades!
Christina @. August 11, 2014
I'd be over the moon with the White Handled Italian Kitchen paring knife! Reminds me of my Nonna's in Italy! :(
Shannon D. August 11, 2014
Happy, Happy Birthday, Provisions!!!! The product that would absolutely fill my heart with joy is the beautiful MZ Wallace Farmer's Market Tote! Two weeks ago, my love and I took our six month old baby, Lili Sophia, to our local Farmer's Market for the very first time . . . It was wonderful! We purchased sugar plums and fairy tale eggplant and feasted on the most amazing cider donuts. And to be gifted with such an exquisitely designed tote (which could also double as a diaper bag!) would make every trip back with Lili just as memorable.
Emily G. August 11, 2014
OK, so, I have had this post pinned as a tab since it was published, because every single day I have been looking through Provisions. This is a really wonderful giveaway for your readers! Happy birthday! Food52 is my absolute favorite food website and I've learned so much from you all.

My pick would be the Iconic Cookbook Set. I am just settling in to my first real apartment without roommates (save my significant other), and our new place comes complete with an adorable hutch to house & show off cookbooks! (Well, I think it's for cookbooks, anyway.) I would love, LOVE to be able to showcase these books in my new home, and put them to good use for our upcoming housewarming dinner party. I'm going to stop rambling and cross all my fingers that these beautiful books will find their way to my cookbook nook. Again, many happy returns of the year (!) and thanks so much for all you do for your readers.
Natalie August 11, 2014
I think the perfect birthday gift is a Pillivuyt cake stand complete with a homemade cake!
pretty_pathetic August 11, 2014
I'd love to have one of the reusable metal filters for my Chemex!
Carol T. August 11, 2014
The VitaMix is my dream. I need one for health reasons because the one I have now just won't do the work. I find so many great items at Food52. Happy Birthday Food 52.
Anne August 11, 2014
The glass teapot!
Leigh August 10, 2014
Wow, a gift for someone else on your birthday is such a warmhearted hug! In that spirit I'd share my birthday gift by cooking up a MASS FEAST OF A PARTY - candle- and lantern-lit under the stars - using the Iconic Cookbook Set. Let it be the first of many memory-worth dinner parties culminating in dirty tablecloths, spilled wine, licked fingers, and the heartfelt togetherness of family and friends. Photographed and shared back with my Food52 family of course!
Heather August 10, 2014
Happy Birthday! The Blue Peacock napkins & those oatmeal colored bowls, too cute!!
rhfjr August 10, 2014
The VitaMix of course.
Beckie August 10, 2014
I like to stir things up. The VitaMix is my choice.
usacecil August 10, 2014
Ooooo, I have always wanted a VitaMix, even if it is not my birthday!
Dara August 10, 2014
Bon Anniversaire, Provisions! Thank you for being such a delightful place to revel in all things culinary. Given the choice of a birthday treat, I think the Iconic Cookbook Set would suit me perfectly--think of all the recipes and techniques I could continue to perfect! And of course, they'd look incredible just sitting on my shelf. À votre santé!
cookinginvictoria August 10, 2014
Happy birthday, Provisions! Congrats to Posie and the rest of the Food52 team on a banner year. My number one wish is for you all to ship to Canada! Hopefully, that is still in the works? My gift pick would be the porcelain colander. I love how it is so functional (hooks onto the sink) yet has a lovely vintage look. It reminds me of the one that my grandmother used in her own kitchen. :)
Posie (. August 12, 2014
Shipping to Canada is on our wish list for next year!!!! Thanks for being part of the year with us!
Michelle Z. August 10, 2014
Happy Birthday! love the brooklyn cheese board
Jessie August 10, 2014
My birthday is actually this Thursday, August 14! Happy birthday to both of us! My cookbook collection is slowly growing, but I don't own any of the books in the absolutely gorgeous Iconic Cookbook Set . . . so I would pick that :D It would look sooo lovely in my own kitchen, which I don't yet have but my SO and I are looking forward to. We plan to have a pig motif. (And lots of cookbooks.)
Laura August 10, 2014
Happy birthday! What a difficult decision...the entire store is full of such amazing products. But after careful consideration, I think if I pick one item to potentially win, it would be the R. Murphy reclaimed wood carbon steel knives. They are just gorgeous and good knives are indispensable in the kitchen.