A Haiku or Two, on Warmth

October  4, 2014

Our thoughts on food and cooking
In seventeen beats. 


i do not care that
you hate the noises i make
while slurping hot tea

oh! a hot toddy
forgot about you during
spritz season. i'm sorry.


All I want is to
Crawl inside a burrito
And make a home there.

It'd feel good to be 
carried in a baby bjorn,
wrapped in lots of fleece. 

Are you inspired to write a poem about warmth? The comments below are a safe space to express yourself.

Photo by Nicole Franzen


Sini |. October 6, 2014
That pic is pure magic!
Annie S. October 6, 2014
Who made that beautiful tea cup?
Lindsay-Jean H. October 6, 2014
find one similar<br />in our own shop, provisions<br />click the link below<br /><br />https://food52.com/provisions/products/313-wheel-thrown-stoneware-mug
Author Comment
Sarah J. October 6, 2014
Well-played, LJ.
vvvanessa October 6, 2014
Brava, Ms. Hard!
vvvanessa October 6, 2014
cupping tamales,<br />still steaming in their husks, in<br />my hands to keep warm<br /><br /><br />pardon me whilst i<br />stick my face into this pot<br />of hot mulled cider
AntoniaJames October 6, 2014
Wonderful, vvvanessa. ;o)
vvvanessa October 7, 2014
Thank you, AntoniaJames!
bmallorca October 5, 2014
Chiles in farm box<br />Make me a little nervous;<br />Can't take too much heat!
gvalley October 5, 2014
Apples everywhere - <br />Table, oven, counter, cake,<br />Warm spice in my mouth.
Author Comment
Sarah J. October 7, 2014
!! :)
gingerroot October 5, 2014
Sunshine on my back,<br />October in the islands.<br />Thanks, I'll take that beer.<br />
AntoniaJames October 4, 2014
(From the San Francisco Bay Area):<br /><br />It’s so hot here now.<br />But with post-season baseball,<br />I guess that’s okay.<br /><br />;o)<br />
vvvanessa October 7, 2014
For my fellow Bay Area-ite:<br /><br />the giants are done<br />soon earthquake- and fire- weather<br />will be done as well<br /><br />xo
vvvanessa October 7, 2014
whoopsies i was wrong<br />the giants are still in it<br />go, orange and black!