10 Breakfast Dishes Fit For A Crowd

October 10, 2014

Having a breakfast with eight or more of your nearest and dearest always seems like a good idea. You get to eat, socialize, and maybe even enjoy a delicious cocktail. The logistics, however, are tricky -- no matter how delicious your breakfast burritos are, it won't be easy to make them for a large group. And do you really expect that many people to wait in line for waffles? In order to help you avoid a disaterous hanger riot, here are 10 recipes that will satsify the hungry horde.   

Orange Scented Olive Oil Sticky Buns by fiveandspice

Orange Scented Olive Oil Sticky Buns

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Breakfast Fried Rice by Kathleen @HapaNom

Breakfast Fried Rice


Spinach and Tomato Frittata by Kendra Vaculin

Spinach and Tomato Frittata


Monkey (Ginger)Bread by arielleclementine 

Monkey (Ginger)Bread


Sausage Strata with Greens  by Merrill Stubbs 

Strata with Sausage and Greens


Almond Scones by Judith Rae

Almond Scones


Tomato-y, Yogurt-y Shakshuka by Nicholas Day

Tomato-y, Yogurt-y Shakshuka


Warm and Gooey Citrus Pudding by thefood

Warm and Gooey Citrus Pudding


Chickpea, Spinach, and Chorizo Frittata by Hadyourtea?

Chickpea, Spinach, and Chorizo Frittata


Legendary Blueberry Biscuits by Alchemist

Legendary Blueberry Biscuits

Do you have any crowd pleasing favorites? Tell us what it is (and how to prepare it) in the comments!

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    Ellie Betzen
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Ellie B. October 11, 2014
I am now convinced that I need to try Shakshuka asap!!!! It's popping up everywhere and the pictures always make me hungry. Beautiful recipes here, you guys! Nice ^_^v
AntoniaJames October 10, 2014
Cinnamon Toast Bread Pudding made with apples and vanilla custard. Sounds a bit like dessert, but people love it for breakfast! Also quite good made with pears. Speaking of which, it's become practically against the law on my street not to serve my pear-filled coffee cake at any neighborhood gathering before noon, when pears are available. We use just-ripe peaches, tweaking the spices a bit, during the summer. ;o)
ChefJune October 10, 2014
I love to serve German Pancake for a special breakfast. This one has Pears, but I also like using other fruit or chocolate chunks for variation. My sticky buns, "different" with maple syrup, are always a big hit as well.