A Haiku or Two, on Pizza

October 25, 2014

Our thoughts on food and cooking
In seventeen beats. 


ultimate dad joke:
eat a slice on the way home,
claim it was "a thief!!!"


the first word i learned to spell
is also the best.

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  • vvvanessa
  • cucina di mammina
    cucina di mammina
  • Lindsay-Jean Hard
    Lindsay-Jean Hard
  • gingerroot
  • Caroline Cooks
    Caroline Cooks
I used to work at Food52. I'm probably the person who picked all of the cookie dough out of the cookie dough ice cream.


vvvanessa October 27, 2014
i fold my slice like
a boss (but topped with salad
more like a hippie)

cucina D. October 26, 2014
food for the mind and soul
a simple yeast dough comes together
with a blend of simple toppings
a feast for the eyes and food for life
Lindsay-Jean H. October 26, 2014
Wood-fired? I am sold.
Bubbly crust in 3 minutes,
bellyful in 5.
gingerroot October 26, 2014
pizza is best shared
especially at Marta
you can order more
Lindsay-Jean H. October 26, 2014
the best #bestovers
involve leftover pizza
reheated, egg-topped
Caroline C. October 26, 2014
dear margherita
basil tomato and cheese
I digress again
Sauertea October 26, 2014
homemade yet I cheat
dough from Roma deli
toppings all mine
mrslarkin October 26, 2014
Oh! Marta pizza
Burnt leftovers turn into
yummy pizza chips
Sarah J. October 26, 2014
WOW!! Really? How?
mrslarkin October 26, 2014
haha yes. I had 2 slices of Funghi left over, so yesterday, I preheated my oven on broil, then threw the slices on the stone, then turned the oven off, then forgot about everything, then a half hour later I was like "hmmm, what is that toasty mushroomy smell?" The crust was singed, but the body of the slice was like the best cracker I ever ate.
diaday October 26, 2014
warm pizza box that sits
on my lap makes the drive home
so very cozy.
Sarah J. October 26, 2014
I love this.
aargersi October 26, 2014
Leave me alone with
Large cheese and jalapeno
Nothing but crumbs left
The T. October 25, 2014
Kids gone, all alone
Chianti, pizza, hubby
Who could ask for more?
arcane54 October 25, 2014
cheesy, tomato
crispy, thin, crusty goodness
I crave you pizza!
Catherine L. October 25, 2014
A lesson from dad:
A cold slice of pizza is
Breakfast perfection.