32 Genius Recipes for Thanksgiving

November 14, 2015

It's not too late to give this year's Thanksgiving menu a little genius boost. You can still take measures to save your turkey from overcooking, just by sprinkling salt on it ahead (peek at the 300+ comments and you'll see that this simple move will give you the best turkey you've ever tasted—even just a day of dry-brining will make a difference).

You can make your green beans taste like green beans, instead of like mushrooms and cream. You can keep your whipped cream from deflating. You can add a punchy salad or craggy cornbread or unexpected spicy sauce to the roster, and come away with a livelier meal than years past.

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Here are 32 ways that I might consider going about it.

Allen Miglore's Caesar Salad



Thomas Keller's Butternut Soup with Brown Butter, Sage, and Nutmeg Crème Fraîche

butternut soup


Molly Wizenberg & Brandon Pettit's Red Wine Vinaigrette


Molly Stevens' Roasted Fennel, Red Onion, and Orange Salad


Renee Erickson's Sautéed Dates

sautéed dates


Eric Korsh's Farm Lettuces Salad with Dill Vinaigrette

farm lettuces salad


Paul Bertolli's Cauliflower Soup


Toro Bravo's Radicchio Salad with Manchego Vinaigrette


Jessica Fechtor's Five-Fold Challah



Northern Spy's Kale Salad


Engin Atkin's Turkish Radish and Herb Salad (Anatolian Gypsy Salad)

turkish radish


Jane Grigson's Celery Soup


Vera Obias' Cheddar & Black Pepper Cornbread


Michel Richard's Glazed and Glistening Haricots Verts

haricots verts


Canal House's Cranberry-Port Gelée


 Jessica Koslow's Crispy Brown Rice "Kabbouleh"



Bryant Terry's Mustard Green Harissa


Bon Appétit's Radicchio Salad with Sourdough Dressing

radicchio salad


Todd Coleman's Potato Gratin

potato gratin


Momofuku's Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Fish Sauce Vinaigrette


Alon Shaya's Whole Roasted Cauliflower and Whipped Goat Cheese


Francis Mallmann's Potato Dominoes


Penelope Casa's Garlic Green Beans (Judias Verdes con Ajo)


Gabrielle Hamilton's Endive Salad in the Roman Puntarelle Style

endive salad


Martha Stewart's Macaroni and Cheese


Russ Parsons' Dry-Brined Turkey (a.k.a. The Judy Bird)


Torrisi's Turkey


Meta Given's Pumpkin Pie


Nancy Silverton's Whipped Cream


Teddie's Apple Cake


Anne Willan's Ypocras (Spiced Red Wine)


And for Friday morning's breakfast:

Bert Greene's Potato Scallion Cakes (Fritterra)

Every week—often with your help—Food52's Creative Director Kristen Miglore is unearthing recipes that are nothing short of genius. Got a genius recipe to share—from a classic cookbook, an online source, or anywhere, really? Please send it my way (and tell me what's so smart about it) at [email protected].



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I'm an ex-economist, ex-Californian who moved to New York to work in food media in 2007. Dodgy career choices aside, I can't help but apply the rational tendencies of my former life to things like: recipe tweaking, digging up obscure facts about pizza, and deciding how many pastries to put in my purse for "later."


Waverly November 21, 2015
Love it! I baked and froze Teddy's Apple Cake last week - one of my favorites from Food52 (although I have many). I have not logged into Food52 in sometime....and today, here you are recommending the very cake I plan on taking to our Thanksgiving feast. For everyone who hasn't had the pleasure: Teddy's Apple Cake is wonderful. It can even be served for breakfast.
AntoniaJames November 23, 2014
Fritterra, yes, totally. That recipe needs a lot more love. We are not enthusiastic consumers of mashed potatoes, unlike the rest of the world, it seems, so I often make mashed potatoes just for the fritterra. So, so yes. ;o)
Fairmount_market November 22, 2014
I'm making brussels sprouts al la Madhur Jaffrey's genius stir-fried cabbage with fennel seeds for Thanksgiving.