A Haiku or Two, on Turkeys

November 22, 2014

Our thoughts on food and cooking
In seventeen beats. 


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what happens to a 
bird deferred? does it waddle
into the sunset?


If I ate turkey
I’d want the drumstick. Because
of the ice cream bar.

Are you inspired to write an elegy for your Thanksgiving turkey? The comments below are a safe space to express yourself.

Photo by James Ransom


gingerroot November 24, 2014
Game changing technique<br />Why brine when you can bacon?<br />Thank you, dear Abbie
aargersi November 24, 2014
:-) xoxoxox
Emi B. November 24, 2014
please pass the dark meat.<br />so moist, no need for gravy.<br />but still, pour it on.
Laurie November 24, 2014
Every day should be <br />The same as Thanksgiving Day<br />Grateful and thankful.
Author Comment
Sarah J. November 24, 2014
This one is so nice. :)
healthierkitchen November 24, 2014
iconic trophy<br />would anyone notice if <br />we didn't carve you?<br />
Catherine L. November 23, 2014
My father's pride and<br />joy: the Thanksgiving turkey.<br />Here's his secret: beer.
The T. November 23, 2014
The guest of honor<br />beside sweet, savory sides<br />I'm very thankful!
Pegeen November 23, 2014
Sadly, short-lived stardom:<br />A prom queen no one likes<br />the rest of the year<br /><br />(Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!)
Sauertea November 23, 2014
Food for many days<br />Your carcass yummy stock<br />Pot pie finale <br />
aargersi November 23, 2014
Hello Beautiful<br />Meet you new best friends, bacon<br />And spiced cider brine
Laurie November 23, 2014
Gobble not for me<br />Gobble for your family<br />Not tasty for me.
Laurie November 23, 2014
No longer gobble for me<br />Gobble for your family<br />:(
Adam J. November 22, 2014
Millions are eaten,<br />Only one will be pardoned:<br />Turkey Hunger Games