Meet Your Makers: Thanksgiving Edition

November 27, 2014

We’ve been talking a lot about pie and stuffing and turkey. And although we do look forward to Thanksgiving for the food, we don’t want to forget about the real reason behind all the feasting: What, and who, we’re thankful for.

For our Provisions shop, we spend our days searching for the best and most beautiful things for your kitchen and homes. We want to take a moment today to talk about some of the people behind those products: The designers, knife makers, woodworkers, coffee roasters, and more. 

Pull up a chair, fix yourself a plate of turkey and cranberry sauce, and read about the people who made us happy this year:

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 Vintage Copper Teapot

Coppermill Kitchen: For showing us that a humble teapot can be the most beautiful thing in our entire house.

Reclaimed Wood Carbon Steel Knives

R. Murphy: For bringing the craftsmanship of handmade knives to our table, so that even our cooking tools are works of art.

 Blackberry & Tangerine Gummies

QUIN: For making gumdrops with real fruit and no funny ingredients, thereby giving us a good reason to eat candy (you need 5 servings of fruit a day, after all). 

Pine PieBox

PieBox: For solving the tricky problem of pastry transportation and for protecting our pies.

More: The story behind the PieBox and a peek behind the scenes.

Beeswax Bread Wrap

Bee’s Wrap: For introducing us to the brilliance of beeswax and never letting our bread go stale.

Special Edition Saffron Malloreddus Pasta

Sfoglini: For thinking outside the (pasta) box. We've been fans of Sfoglini pasta since our first bite -- they've changed our weeknight pantry dinners for the better with creative, seasonal flavors. 

Flake Finishing Salt

Jacobsen Salt Co.: For helping us see that you don’t have to travel to the Himalayas to make beautiful, flavorful salt -- they source theirs from the shores of Oregon.

More: Watch Ben Jacobsen talk about harvesting salt.

Patisserie Cake & Brioche Mold

Pillivuyt: For designing bakeware that is both practical and presentable. We rely on their cake pans and muffin tins in our test kitchen day in and day out -- it gets us perfect pastry results and lots of compliments from visitors.

Italian Sparkling Wine Glasses

Malfatti: For re-imagining the Champagne flute as a wavered-edge, handblown glass that invites everyday bubbly drinking. Life is a celebration, so let’s act accordingly. 

Hand-Forged Dinner Bell

Lightning Creek Forge: For giving us a way to remind the family to stop watching football: Dinner is ready.

The list could have taken up pages and pages, so let's raise a glass to every maker in our shop!

Do you have a favorite Provisions maker or designer? Tell us!

Photos by James Ransom

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