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Everything You Need to Make the Perfect Pie

November 25, 2014

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Today: Don't panic -- the perfect pie is within your reach. Here's everything you need to make it a reality.

Meta Given's Pumpkin Pie

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Pies can be scary. For a dish so simple and beloved, people are surprisingly hesitant about tackling it, especially when the pressure is on -- particularly right now, in preparation of Thanksgiving. But really, what is a pie but crust, filling, and a little bit of love? Make it vegan, make it raw, make it a rectangle -- all that really matters is that you make it delicious. That's where we can help you out. From rolling out the dough to the prerequisite whipped cream, we've got you covered on all matters pie-related. As long as you promise to share the finished result.

Here's everything you need to know to make the perfect pie. Start with the crust:

Genius Pie Crust


Next, figure out your filling:



And then perfect your finishing touches:

Fancy Pie Crusts


And, if all of this gets to be too much...

No Pie Pumpkin Pie

Tell us in the comments: What pies are you making this Thanksgiving?

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