Our Community's Favorite Baking Cookbooks

December  5, 2014

You know how some people are obsessed with stamp collections or fantasy football teams? Well, we're obsessed with cookbooks. Here, in Books We Love, we'll talk about our favorites.

Today: Our community's favorite books on all things baking.

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'Tis the season for baking! For dozens of cookies to gift, and cakes to feed your guests, and pies, even though Thanksgiving is behind us. So we asked our community about their favorite baking books -- because we all need a few more good cookie recipes, and a bit more guidance when it comes to the whole pie crust thing.

Here are a few of our editors' and our readers' favorites, in no particular order:

Tell us in the comments: What's your favorite baking cookbook?

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Marian Bull

Written by: Marian Bull



Brubaker November 18, 2015
You missed a fantastic 500 page traditional standby-Pillsbury's: The Complete Book of Baking, from 1993. People still search for replacement copies. The Chocolate-Orange Cheesecake is a crowd-pleaser, as is other cheesecakes. The amazing 4 ingredient pie crust is lovely, 2 of the Banana Breads are actually ffantastic, and the Chocolate Chip Cookies Supreme, including White Chocolate are elegant, and easily hold their own against ANY "modern" recipe.
Christelle January 21, 2015
Hasn't once let me down -- Flour by Joanne Chang.
It's got a lot of everything. From an amazing granola, layer cakes and banana bread to croissants, chocolate gelato and fancier things. She includes weights with her measurements which is essential. I go back to it again and again.

And Patisserie by Christophe Felder.
Gorgeous and super cool if you want to start getting fancy and French but still need your hand held. It has 210 recipes, 3,200 step-by-step photos, in 800 pages.
Benjamin R. December 21, 2014
One good use of retirement, I find, is learning to bake bread. To this end, I highly value The Bread Baker's Apprentice, by Peter Reinhart. Just reading and studying it warms my heart almost as much as a well-made loaf itself. I'm also looking forward to delving into Flour Water Salt Yeast, by Ken Forkish; it has good reviews.
twosavoie December 6, 2014
I love Sweety Pies by Patty Pinner. The sub title is "an uncommon collection of womanish observations, with pie". Every recipe has a recollection of a woman in her life and the pie she was known for. She has recipies for pies I never imagined like oatmeal nut pie and zucchini cobbler along with interesting twists on traditional pies like sweet potato-coconut custard pie. The peanut butter cream pie is to die for.
PieceOfLayerCake December 5, 2014
Tartine may be my favorite cookbook....period. I credit it with my introduction to incredible, simple, delectable and my current passion for all things French pastry.