Brooklyn Supper

September 28, 2010

Sour Cherry and Cornmeal Upside Down Cake  Purslane Salad

Elizabeth Stark and Brian Campbell of Brooklyn Supper eat better food than most professional cooks we know—and they never, ever, skip dessert.

The pair—self-described Nina Planck converts—started their blog two years ago after deciding to start eating only local and in-season food. They have since given up all processed foods and we're guessing, from the looks of their recipes, that they have never looked back. Elizabeth, a painter and teacher, and Brian, who works in media sales, split blogging duties. While Brian—who once worked at a Kenny Rogers Roasters—handles the meat (like these dignified "fancy joes"), Elizabeth takes the photographs and covers vegetables and sweets.

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She appears to be a master at both, concocting desserts, preserves and salads in unexpected and alluring combinations that smartly combine sweet and savory flavors—sour plum and ginger jam; panna cotta with lime, ricotta and thyme; and purslane salad with cherries and peaches. She also bakes more traditional desserts, like lattice top peach pie, homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream, sour cherry and cornmeal upside down cake, that even in their seeming simplicity have us quite excited.

And whichever half of the couple is responsible with this gorgeous Bloody Mary with the man-eating celery leaves as garnish, we'd like to personally thank for injecting a little weekend into our Tuesday afternoon.

Fennel and Kohlrabi Salad  Homemade Bloody Marys


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TheWimpyVegetarian September 29, 2010
What a GREAT looking blog! Beautiful recipes and pictures!
BrooklynSupper September 29, 2010
It's real celery, I promise. Thanks everyone for all the Brooklyn Supper love!!! Brian and I are so honored to be included on this amazing site. You guys are awesome.
luvcookbooks September 29, 2010
they could be lovage leaves, too, checked out the blog's pie recipes immediately. there's a recipe for lard buttermilk puff pastry. it looks unbelievably good.
lastnightsdinner September 28, 2010
Whoo hoo! Another favorite :)
AntoniaJames September 28, 2010
Those man-eating celery leaves look suspiciously like the giant, flavorful Chinese celery leaves I've been raving about for the past few months, since having been introduced to them by healthierkitchen and thirschfeld . . . . Ours have about that ratio of leaf to stalk. Love the blog, too. ;o)