How to Make a Gingerbread Farm, Part 3

December 11, 2014

This week, a Small Batch special edition in three parts: Do you like small-scale construction projects, all things miniature, holiday cheer, and farm life? Lucky for you, Molly Yeh of My Name is Yeh is taking us on a tour of her gingerbread farm and giving plenty of helpful instructions along the way so that you can create your own. 

You've already learned how to make walls and mortar for your cookie community. Today, Molly concludes her tour by explaining how to put on the finishing touches -- from chocolate-shingled roofs to blue raspberry hot tubs -- and turn your gingerbread houses into gingerbread homes. 

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As you can see, our artistic directors and landscapers at the farm were inspired by earth tones, herbs, and small pops of gold and red. Chocolate shingles cover the roof of our workshop and chocolate shutters surround the windows, while rosemary bushes miraculously withstand the snow. 


Gold sugar pearls and red hots were placed on one at a time with tweezers to add a bit of sparkle and fun to the farm, and icicles add a delightful wintry feel. If you’d like to make your own icicles, simply attach a small tip onto your piping bag, pipe on a little blob of frosting, and then gently release pressure as you pull the piping bag away towards the ground.


Of course, if all of this sugar is making you crash, feel free to pick up some pretzel gravel or have a bite of our za’atar ice cream cone forest. And while you’re in the forest, rip off a hunk of the green frosted ice cream cone for a little pick-me-up -- it’s made with matcha. 

If you come around to the front of our house, you’ll see our chuppah, made of pretzel posts and a gingerbread square. Across the farm is the building where we’re getting married. 

It’s the oldest building on the farm, and it has a pretzel roof, heart windows, and some mistletoe above the door. How romantic. 


Now, if you trek back across the farm, we will end here, as promised, at our blue raspberry hot tub, which was made by filling a ring of gingerbread dough with crushed blue Jolly Ranchers before baking.

Oh! It appears that Rudolf has already been enjoying himself! Go ahead, dip your toes in and join him -- I'll leave you two here. Thanks for coming on my tour! Come back again soon.

Catch the first two days of Molly's tour here and here. And to make your own gingerbread community, you'll need these recipes for gingerbread walls and gingerbread house glue.

Photos by Molly Yeh

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molly yeh recently moved from brooklyn to a farm outside of grand forks, north dakota, where her husband is a fifth generation farmer. she writes the blog my name is yeh.

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Emma G. December 13, 2014
You are a magician Miss Molly!!!