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11 Auspicious Dishes for the New Year

January  1, 2015

It's hard to say whether black-eyed peas invite good fortune, whether coin-like lentils and gold-colored cornbread bring wealth, or whether a long soba noodle means a long life. But it's equally as hard to say that any of these are not true.

So why not cover all of your bases? Eat 12 grapes (one for each month) at midnight (and hope that none are sour), have a pork cutlet because pigs symbolize progress, and toast yourself a bagel (because it's round and the year has come full circle, and also because when someone tells you to eat a bagel, you do it). If 2015 is your best year yet, you can attribute it to one of these 11 recipes.

Grape, Almond, and Olive Oil Cake by Gourtmetphd

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Vegan Hoppin' John by Gena Hamshaw


Farro with Roasted Sweet Potato, Kale and Pomegranate Seeds by Ann S


Judy Rodgers' Lentils Braised in Red Wine by Nicholas Day



Peanut Soba Noodle Salad by Nicki


Vera Obias' Cheddar & Black Pepper Cornbread by Genius Recipes


Whole Baked Fish in Sea Salt with Parsley Gremolata by TasteFood


Herb-Crusted Pork Chops with Balsamic Onions by erinmcdowell


Black-Eyed Pea Cassoulet by Kayb


Homemade Bagels by Kenzi Wilbur


Mushroom-Lentil Tacos with Tahini Yogurt Sauce by Kendra Vaculin

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