The Food52 Podcast: Episode 3!

April  9, 2015

Time to tune in to episode 3! (In case you missed our first two podcasts, listen to the first here, and the second here.) 

Today’s episode covers the topic of first food jobs—we chat with Lucky Peach co-founder Peter Meehan about how he got his start, how aspiring food writers might get theirs, and just how scrappy Amanda was before The New York Times.

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Heather |. June 10, 2015
so interesting/insightful, especially as someone who's looking to get into the food industry.
Lara C. April 11, 2015
Fantastic! I'm so glad you guys are doing a podcast. The quality was great, and I can't wait for more.
Becky April 10, 2015
I really enjoy your podcast but want to gently suggest to Amanda that she watches her use of "like". I'll bet she used it 150 times!