The Latest Podcast: Everyone's a Critic

May 21, 2015

Tune in for episode 6 of Burnt Toast! (Want to catch up? Listen to episode onetwo, threefour, and five.) 

This week, we talk to New York Magazine restaurant critic Adam Platt about criticism in an age that makes it easy for everyone with an internet connection to be a reviewer. Listen in for some salty conversation, his live evaluation of some food in the studio, and—because we couldn’t help it—a dramatic Yelp reading or two. 

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    Brionne Griffin
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Hayes September 16, 2015
Sigh... tastes in food... A sure sign of a not-so-good restaurant for me is the presence of truffle oil. It gets slapped on everything and I can't bear it. I know lots of people love it, but one smell of the stuff and my taste buds and nose receptors get blocked and I can't smell or taste a thing for the rest of the evening, which is why I think they use the stuff... hides a multitude of sins, and all that. If I see it on the menu board I choose another restaurant.
Brionne G. May 21, 2015
I LOVED this show! I'd part of the Google "Local Guides" program and they reward you for writing reviews with contests, fun parties, etc. It's really fun and anyone can join!

I also wanted to share this because I got such a kick out of the reviews you read at the end. (http://www.laweekly.com/restaurants/the-best-in-restaurant-signage-that-one-guy-on-yelp-somewhere-los-angeles-ca-2381816)

And I'm a new fan of Adam. What a class act.