Best of the Hotline: Your Favorite Steak Seasonings

Some questions on the Hotline have staying power, and for good reason—they cover the questions we ask ourselves time and time again. Join us as we revisit some of the most popular.

Today: Get the low down on the best rub down for your steak. 

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Steak: It's the titan of the meat world. Flank, porterhouse, or ribeye, they all tickle our carnivorous hearts. There’s nothing quite like a thick-cut behemoth with a caramelized, browned exterior and pink interior. There are some days when it’s all you need or want. Because steak is awesome.

Over on the Hotline, Death by Toast is in need of a good, quick steak rub: “Just looking for something I can use from my spice rack for tonight’s dinner." The good news is, whether you go a more basic route or get wild with brown sugar and bourbon, either way you're not far from seared or grilled greatness. 

  • Benny says, “You are going to want to slap me, but my answer is salt and pepper.”
  • Sam1148 salts liberally, then waits 40 minutes before cooking for prime seasoning. Whatever you do, he says, “don’t use a marinade or other liquidy stuff for good beef.”
  • ChefJune also goes the salt and pepper route, but also likes to make a pan sauce out of deglazed, leftover wine and a knob of butter.

  • Pierino joins the salt and pepper chorus, but occasionally likes to add a little cayenne or pimenton.
  • Em-i-lis enthusiastically says, “Ground coriander and white pepper plus mint, salt, and pepper is lovely!!!!”
  • Babytiger suggests a carne asada seasoning blend.

What do you season your steak with? Tell us in the comments below! 

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Betsey June 8, 2015
Salt, pepper, butter and a little red wine-butter pan sauce. Don't mess with perfection, man.
Juliann D. June 8, 2015
Salt and pepper! ( melted butter, if I'm pan searing) if you have quality meat, you can really ruin it with any kind of marinade.
ariane B. June 8, 2015
garlic powder, paprika, thyme and salt and pepper. delicious
Jackie D. June 7, 2015
i cover my steaks with salt and pepper, a no-salt special seasoner, minced garlic, rosmary twigs and olive oil . in the fridge overnight and i take out one hour before cooking. they always come out delicious.
em-i-lis June 6, 2015
Nice list!! Thanks for including me!