This Week in Our Company Chat Room: Chickpea Water > Chicken Water

June 19, 2015

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Canned Beans

Aquafaba (leftover chickpea liquid) is having a moment. We were a little late to its debut party though: Where have we bean—er, been? Somehow we missed Dan Barber whipping it up into fluffy piles in his March pop-up restaurant, wastED and French chef Joël Roessel using it to create vegan versions of treats like meringue and chocolate mousse.

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Vegan Meringue Vegan Merigue

When we were finally introduced to this magical egg replacement earlier this week, we didn't waste any time testing it out ourselves. Here's the play-by-play:

Food52 HipChat

Food52 HipChat

Chickpea water meringue has to taste better than chicken water meringue, right? Find out what happened when we gave chickpeas a chance.

Tell us: How have you used chickpea water? 

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hevandriel February 7, 2016
I just tried making meringues using the liquid from cooking dried chickpeas. They are in the last half of their baking, but I'm not very optimistic. First, it took me nearly 45 minutes of whipping and quite a bit of cream of tartar (added quite late in the process). After the first 20 minutes of baking, the meringues have flattened out quite a bit; I may have to try to pass them off as incomplete macarons... Does aquafaba have to have a specific viscosity for it to work?
AntoniaJames June 19, 2015
Can you use the liquid from cooking dried chickpeas? Canned chickpeas (even the thought of them) make me gag. ;o)
Lindsay-Jean H. June 20, 2015
I think you can. In the comments of the related Kitchen Confidence post (http://food52.com/blog/13271-a-magical-new-egg-replacement-that-s-already-in-your-pantry#comments) dinner at ten shares a link that might help. Let us know how it works for you!
Tamar June 19, 2015
I tried making meringues with chickpea water and it was a complete disaster. The water whipped up fabulously - fluffy firm peaks - I was very impressed and sure it was going to work just as described. I added some vanilla and sugar and whipped a bit more. I then spooned and piped meringues onto silpats and baked them in a 250 oven - within minutes they had lost all air and were just flat goo stuck to the silpats. I tried another batch in a 180 degree oven on parchment - they were a tiny bit better, but fell from 1.5" high to less than .5". They were sticky and a mess. such a disappointment!
Lindsay-Jean H. June 20, 2015
Oh no, that is disappointing. I'm sorry to hear that they didn't work for you.