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From Where We Stand: Our Weekend in Photos

July  6, 2015

A glimpse into our editors' lives: Here's how the world looks from where we stand.

Today: Pies, cats, and surfing lessons for the Fourth of July.

Leslie  Leslie

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This weekend, I decided to really go for it and make Cara Nicoletti's Beer Can Chicken—then adopt a cat from A.S.P.C.A. Not sure which one's cuter. — Leslie



Nothing tops off a long day of surfing lessons like cheese fries and beer at Rippers in the Rockaways—especially when the aforementioned activity feels more like taking a spin through the washing machine than acquiring a new skill. — Amanda



I spotted (and smelled!!) peaches at the market for the first time this summer, and made them into a Fourth of July pie using Erin's excellent crust recipe and a handful of blueberries. And then got to eat it cold for breakfast. — Caroline



Making pickled fennel to go in Merrill's quinoa and farro salad. — Ali



Cherry pie with the Food52 exclusive towel! Slight seam in the crust because I'm not Erin. — Madeline



This is what you're rewarded with after waiting out the rain all day on the Fourth of July. — Kenzi

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AntoniaJames July 6, 2015
Made "Tartine Bread" brioche with my younger son on Friday for the purpose of making buns on which to serve Genius Grilled Pork Burgers ,courtesy of Suzanne Goin, which we grilled and enjoyed, tremendously, at our block party on Saturday. Outstanding. Plus, we had two loaves of best-toast-ever brioche sandwich bread after making the burger buns. Also made two mocha marbled cheesecakes for the party. And put up a dozen jars of blueberries from our bushes out front. Swam, hiked in the redwoods, did some crazy good (tough) cycling, listened to a lot of baseball on the radio, among many other things. Such an enjoyable long weekend. ;o) P.S. The buns, burgers (en route) and cheesecakes can be seen here:
lastnightsdinner July 6, 2015
New kitty! Yay!