An Unfussy Crumble for Swoony Summer Fruit

July  9, 2015

Today: KatieQ shares her recipe for a speedy, simple cherry crumble with whipped cream to boot.


When it comes to summer fruit, we can barely help ourselves. It's just—when the market swells with peaches and berries and cherries and nectarines and plums and melons, we don't want to be anywhere else, nor eat anything else. We go picking. We go a little crazy. We need a lot of different ways to eat all this fruit.

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So we turn to the cobblers, the crisps, the buckles, the slumps. There are pies and pies and pies. And there are the crumbles: They're buttery, not too sweet, not too fancy. The fruit does its dreamy, bubbly thing. We're not one to argue with a good crumble—and neither is KatieQ. Here, she makes a fast sour cherry crumble (though you could use any fruit) in only 30 minutes—and shares an easy-on-the-arms technique for whipped cream. 

What's your favorite way to enjoy summer fruits? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Shelley Matheis
    Shelley Matheis
  • carswell
  • Caroline Lange
    Caroline Lange
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Shelley M. July 9, 2015
No recipe! And the KatieQ link doesnt work
carswell July 9, 2015
Ummm yeah. I've got some cherries languishing and I clicked on this for the recipe. Boo.
Caroline L. July 9, 2015
oh no! thank you so much for pointing this out—the link is now fixed! she gives measurements for the crumble in the video, but we also have lots of great crumble recipes on the site! i've been meaning to try this one: