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From Where We Stand: Our Weekend in Photos

July 20, 2015

Best buds, cats of Food52, and beating the heat.


Came across this quiet span of shoreline at dusk—it might look like a dirty beach, but look closely and you'll see a whole mess of mussel shells—and I have all kinds of plans for returning to forage for dinner. —Amanda

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Since Sarah's cats got mildly famous in previous Where We Stand posts, I'd like to introduce August, who hid in the closet all weekend because of the intense heat. —Ali


My regular running route goes along the Argo Cascades; this weekend was warm enough that I definitely wished I was floating in the water rather than running alongside it. —Lindsay-Jean


My best friend from college visited me this weekend and while we had big plans to walk all over the city, the weather kept us inside with homemade ice cream! Here we are eating cookie dough ice cream with baked cookies mixed in for breakfast—because why not? —Leslie


My best friend also came to visit me this weekend! My apartment isn't air-conditioned, so we sought out a liquid coolant instead at one of my favorite neighborhood spots, a bar called the Bearded Lady. —Caroline

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lastnightsdinner July 20, 2015
Cats of Food52 should totally be a Thing. (Hi, August! <3)
aargersi July 20, 2015
Elvis Costello and Steely Dan at the COTA track!
Farmers Market, grocery, swimming, yardwork, fun dinner with friends (they brough sallmon from a recent alaska trip - deliciious)
Fig picking at mother in law's, fig jam prep, a NAP, dinner and a movie

and my neighbor brought more mustang grapes - jelly makin'!!!
AntoniaJames July 20, 2015
More kosher dills, and started Mme Ferber’s 2-apricot jam, except I’m using peaches and nectarines instead of fresh apricots, because apricots are long gone, and besides, we like it better with the more flavorful stone fruit. The pickles have been labeled; the fresh fruit is macerating while the dried apricots soak in Gewurz.

My usual early Sunday morning routine of HIIT bicycling followed by a trip to Temescal farmers market where I stocked up on produce and took a few photos:

Sunday dinner at Burma Superstar on Telegraph followed by a Curbside Creamery treat to beat the heat.

Among many other things . . . . ;o)