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It's Friday: Here's What You Should Eat & Listen To Tonight

We partnered with Food Should Taste Good to share our favorite recipes to pair with your weekend adventures (and a playlist to take along, too). Today, it's comfort food—which means starting with a pot of melty cheese.

Friday night means it's time to get wild. And by wild, we mean turning on some music, loud, and heading into the kitchen to cook away the work week's stress. Sure, you could go out (or order takeout), but comfort food is better with a little bit of love and a few friends.

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Start off with fondue because "molten cheese" has got to be one of the happiest combinations of words ever. Then try to save room—we know, it's difficult—for impossibly crispy chicken thighs with lemon, spaghetti with bacon and cream, and milkshakes. Here's the full menu:

And here's what you should listen to while you're melting cheese, prepping vegetables, and uncorking the wine: 

Photos by Alpha Smoot, James Ransom, and Bobbi Lin 

Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Chips are made with quinoa, plus flax, sunflower, and sesame seeds—and make a good companion to this fondue. We're packing them up for all of our weekend adventures, so see all of their tortilla chips here.

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