10 Baking Recipes from Our Latest #f52Contest to Keep In Your Arsenal

September  9, 2015

From our latest #f52contest: easy, breezy baked goods for any time at all.

Congrats to the winner of this #f52contest, who put together a stunner of an apricot bar:

This fruit crisp has a super crunchy oat topping thanks to the addition of an egg white: 

Classic ginger-molasses cookies get a sparkly coating after a roll in coarse sugar:

Top a peachy cake with sesame seeds and call it a snack (or breakfast):

These lemon bars as simple to put together as they are zingy:

Nothing's easier than a pound cake. Just combine—you guessed it!—a pound each of flour, sugar, eggs, and butter:

The secret ingredients in these sprinkle-coated shortbread cookies? Ghee and chickpea flour:

Since when has just one little chocolate chip cookie cut it? Make a big cookie tart instead:

A batch of your favorite oatmeal cookies—dunked in chocolate!—is the easiest breakfast treat there is:

Only half an hour away from a batch of these gluten-free almond butter cookies:

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