Strange but Good: Put An Egg On It

September 14, 2015

Spaghetti eggs

We're firm believers that eggs are good with just about everything—on rice and toast (especially with wonderfully named "toast soldiers"), nestled into hot, wilty greens, or poached and made to melt into salad or soup. We asked the Hotline: How do you like to eat your eggs?

  • Salty soy sauce plays well with eggs. Splash a little right on top—this is especially good (and very often eaten) with rice–or a lot, as in Momofuku's Soy Sauce Eggs.
  • Slap a fried egg on a burger (meaty or vegetal). Other similarly shaped and eaten foods, like latkes, also happily accept a fried egg.
  • Make a nest of wilted spinach, arugula, collards, or kale—and stick a poached egg in the center.
  • Poach an egg directly in a pot of soup (or add a soft-boiled one to serve), as in shakshuka or soba.
  • Susan W blends hot coffee with a whole egg. "So good and creamy," she said.
  • Susan W also recommended the Genius recipe for Eric Korsh's Farm Lettuces Salad with Dill Vinaigrette, which uses a poached egg to get a super-creamy dressing (goodbye, emulsification woes!).
  • A sweet eggy sauce, like a sabayon, would be great on figs, said amysarah.
  • Crack an egg onto a pizza before you slide it into the oven, said lapadia
  • Do as Rhonda35 does and toss a couple of fried eggs with a tangle of spaghetti. 

Photo by James Ransom

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What's your favorite way to eat an egg? Fried, poached, raw (!)—tell us in the comments.

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BETTY September 14, 2015
Eggs and pasta are not strange together. Pasta carbonara uses raw eggs to create the unctuous sauce with some pasta cooking water (full of pasta starch) and parmesan cheese.
Matt September 14, 2015
I like to put a fried egg on pretty much anything Mexican food related. Chile Rellenos, Enchiladas, Tacos, etc...
Amanda S. September 14, 2015
I would like to (NEED TO) hear more about blending hot coffee and a whole egg.
Barbara September 14, 2015
Fry an egg and put it in a BLT!