Our Essential Chocolate Chip Cookie Guide

September 22, 2015

Simultaneously one of the most popular snacks, the first treats we learned to bake, and perhaps the most quarreled-over cookie, the chocolate chip cookie has a hard-won place in our hearts. Depending on your preferences—crispy? chewy? cakey? nutty? oatmeal-filled?—some will hiss sacrilege, while some will reach for another, and depending on who you're talking to, the conversation might reach levels previously left to debates over sports team affiliations.

Here's our definitive guide to the chocolate chip cookie, from nutty or bar-shaped to crispy or salt-topped. No matter what your ideal is, we've got the chocolate chip cookie for you:

If you're a classicist:

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Chocolate Chip Cookies by Phyllis Grant

Toll House-style (plus walnuts), these are the quintessential chewy-on-the-outside, gooey-on-the-inside cookie.


Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies by Ashley Rodriguez

Ashley Rodriguez swears by using three different sugars in her cookies—and salting them.


Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies by Kim Boyce are the whole wheat version of the classic. 

Whole wheat
Crisp edges, chewy middles, and hand-chopped chunks make this whole-wheat version of the classic a welcome one.


Ultra-Thin Chocolate Chunk Cookies by Alice Medrich

A handful of oats and an overnight rest for the dough makes these cookies shatteringly crisp (but still substantial).


Cook's Illustrated's Blondies by Genius Recipes

Your favorite chocolate chip cookie, in bar form (tested and tested and tested again.)


If you resent anything that isn't chocolate:

Triple Chocolate Madness Cookies by kapnic 

Triple chocolate
These cookies have four (count 'em, four) kinds of chocolate in them.


Divine Gluten-Free Chocolate Cookies by Jestei 

Chocolate chips held together by egg whites, cocoa powder, and confectioners sugar. Yep.


Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies by Kelsey Banfield

Crispy at the edges, chewy in the middle, and kicky from two tablespoons of espresso powder, making it the perfect cookie (except maybe at bedtime).


Pierre Hermé and Dorie Greenspan's World Peace Cookies by Genius Recipes

World Peace
Cross the classic, chewy chocolate chip cookie with the finely textured chocolate sablé and you get a very refined, very delicious World Peace cookie.


Deep Chocolate Cookies with Milk Chocolate Chips by Cara Eisenpress

Milk chocolate
No-nonsense but still milky-sweet, these cookies have melted chocolate, cocoa powder, and chocolate chips.


If you like a cookie to be a little irreverant:

Magical Marvelous Memorable Cookies by drbabs 

Magical cookies
Granola? A whole cup of it. Crushed pretzels? You bet. They make for a wonderfully chewy-crisp cookie, to boot.


Soft Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies by Merrill Stubbs

Almost muffin-soft, these cookies satisfy the pumpkin craving and the chocolate one.


The Pantry Cookie by Nicholas Day

A wide-set, chewy cookie comes from melted butter. This one also had nuts and dried cranberries.


Triple Threat Cookies by TheRunawaySpoon

Triple threat
Pack a malted milk-chocolate cookie with white and dark chocolate chunks. Eat two.


If you want to eat cookies for breakfast (hey, who are we to judge):

Quinoa Cookies with Coconut and Chocolate Chunks by Loves Food Loves to Eat

The best possible use for your leftover quinoa? A chocolate chip cookie, which gains its toothsome texture and nuttiness.


Crispy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies by Merrill Stubbs

Crispy oatmeal
All the best parts of a crunchy oatmeal raisin cookie—but with chocolate chips instead of raisins.


Almond Butter, Dark Chocolate, and Coconut Cookies by Sarah | strawberryplum

Almond Butter
Toasted-almondy, lightly sweetened with coconut, and generously packed with chocolate chips, these cookies are crackle-topped and chewy.


Breakfast Cookies by HMMessinger

We'd gladly eat any cookies for breakfast, but these ones are packed with sprouted flour, oats, flax seeds, and walnuts.

What are your cookie must-haves? Tell us about the best chocolate chip cookie you've ever had in the comments.

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Lori September 27, 2015
Are all of the chocolate chip cookie recipes in the new Baking book?
Chloe September 23, 2015
Jaques Torres chocolate chip cookie. Maybe not the best I had but the New York Times ran an article (with recipe attached) a few years back and it is my go to recipe! I have found nothing better. Absolutely delicious!
Niknud September 22, 2015
mrslarkin's chubby chewy chocolate chip cookies. Hands down the best. I usually drop the cooking temp down a few degrees because I like them a little softer but these are wonderful, amazing, epic cookies.
Riddley G. September 22, 2015
Give me any and all of the chocolate chip cookies, but I like to age the dough for two days (if I can wait, that is).