SPOTTED: Conjoined Squash

September 30, 2015

A miracle of nature! 

We were surprised and delighted to find this wondrous butternut squash in this week's CSA from Local Roots. So did we get 2 squash, or are there 3?

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However many there are, Kenzi is taking them home.

The rest of our share was exciting, as well: tomatillos (some purple!), sunchokes, collards, and dandelion greens.

What would you do with these ingredients? We're especially looking for great ways to use the dandelion greens, which are often so extremely bitter. 

Help us out in the comments below! 

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missmertz October 1, 2015
I love dandelion greens on pork tenderloin sandwiches with homemade mayo.
Steve October 1, 2015
For a great presentation for a dinner for two, maybe split that double squash, de-seed and then scoop & reserve some of the flesh, then shred and saute some of the greens, mix with the scooped flesh and possibly savory (quinoa, cooked mushrooms) and sweet (dried cranberries, lemon juice) to round out the filing, stuff the two halves and join together with twine and bake them whole? Maybe partially bake the squash laying separate to ensure it cooks through. I imagine a great show when you reopen the squash at the end (careful of the steam though).

Seems like a missed opportunity not to capitalize on the shape of that conjoined squash, but there are a variety of ways this could be delicious!
Panfusine October 1, 2015
I stir fry Dandelion greens in a traditional South Indian style with split mung and fresh coconut or, make them into a little known dish with steamed lentils called Usli.
Monica September 30, 2015
I really love making dandelion pesto!! Just add loads of garlic and some olive oil to balance the bitterness. Also, if you add another green that is milder, like kale or spinach, then it will tame the dandelion. Sautéed dandelion is delicious as well and gets rid of the bitterness.
Niknud September 30, 2015
Would it be TMI if I told you I would probably hang the squash off the back of my trailer hitch? :)
The J. September 30, 2015
Whoa, what about this butternut squash and sunchoke mac & cheese, and served with braised greens - and dare I say, some pulled pork? CSA BBQ!
inpatskitchen September 30, 2015
This would be fantastic! :