15 Reasons You Shouldn't Even Think About Tossing Your Egg Whites

October 19, 2015

If you've made ice cream, custard, or pudding lately (or ever), you know that you're going to yield a lot more than a rich dessert: egg whites. A ton of them. Your first instinct might be to want to just toss them, perhaps remembering one too many flabby egg white diner omelets—but don't you dare let them go to waste. Egg whites are one of your kitchen's hardest working ingredients, even without their yolks. Here's how to use up a bevy of them:


  • The easiest way to make egg whites disappear? In an omelet or frittata (or go big with a strata).
  • Make meringues! Try a chocolate version once you've mastered the original. And then try all its variations—on top of a pie, as a pavlova, as the world's best cake.
  • Or try your hand at making delicate French macarons.
  • Whip up a batch of pillowy marshmallows—and then transform them into Mallomars.
  • Nougat is only three ingredients away (and one of them is egg whites).
  • If you really went crazy with the egg yolks, make an angel food cake! This recipe uses a whole dozen egg whites.
  • Use them to bind together thick clumps of coconut for dreamy macaroons; or chocolate, hazelnuts, and almonds for aptly named brutti ma buoni (ugly but good) cookies.
  • Toss nuts with an egg white and spices prior to roasting for an extra-crispy coating.
  • Or mix an egg white or two into your granola before baking (especially if you like clumpy granola).
  • Or use them to give a semifreddo a delicate texture.
  • Shake an egg white into a cocktail like a whiskey sour (or this apple brandy fizz).
  • Beat an egg white or two into stock to clarify it.
  • Financiers have egg whites (and finely ground nuts) to thank for their tender crumb.
  • Whisk an egg white with a little water and use it as a wash for other baked goods—especially for scones.
  • Freeze them! Set aside an ice cube tray for all your spare whites and save them for a rainy day (or a meringue party).

What's your best technique for getting rid of a heck of a lot of egg whites? Tell us in the comments.

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marcellatp October 20, 2015
The marshmallow recipe the article links to doesn't use egg whites. Any other versions that do?
Author Comment
Caroline L. October 21, 2015
the marshmallows in this recipe for homemade mallomars do!
marcellatp October 22, 2015 Followed your link and all I see are gelatin, water, sugar, brown rice syrup, salt, vanilla, confectioners sugar and cornstarch. Still no egg whites.
Author Comment
Caroline L. October 22, 2015
hi marcellatp—my apologies! i misremembered the recipe. this recipe does contain egg whites:
marcellatp October 22, 2015
Thank you for finding one! It's surprisingly hard to find a recipe with egg whites that is also well reviewed.
CalamityintheKitchen October 20, 2015
Oh, oh! munavalgekook! Try the recipe on Citrus and Candy. Make sure you spell it right when you search for it... It's a dense and rich cake, somewhat like pound cake, but uses only whites. So yum! I never could like angel food, too boring flavored....