I'm making a recipe that calls only for egg yolks (about 9 to be exact). What's the yummiest thing to make with all the leftover egg whites?

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ritagorra September 13, 2015
I have a recipe from Mc Calls cooking school called Tortoni. It is basically whipped egg whites with a hot sugar syrup, then added whipped cream and almond extract. Freeze. It is a yummy, light ice cream-like confection.
aussiefoodie September 12, 2015
Try toasted nuts such as these http://food52.com/recipes/7943-spiced-pecans
SeaJambon September 8, 2013
This question comes up regularly on the hotline. Try searching the hotline for "egg whites"...
chava September 8, 2013
Slip one or two into scrambled eggs or omelettes: it does change the texture, but in a pleasant way. Also, they freeze perfectly, so store them up for an angel food cake.
ChefJune September 7, 2013
Emmy L. September 7, 2013
Mousse and freeze or swiss meringue (meringue made in a bowl over simmering water) and freeze. Texture like you've never had before.
Pinch&Swirl September 6, 2013
Homemade marshmallows of course! :)
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Undeniably R. September 6, 2013
Thank you so much!!!!
magpiebaker September 5, 2013
David Lebovitz's coconut macaroons (http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2005/06/an-american-mac-1/) are a go-to recipe when I need to use up egg whites. I also use 1-2 whites to create clusters when baking up a batch of granola (4 cups oats + 2 cups mix of sweetener, coconut oil, ground flaxseeds, and nuts). They freeze well, as other people have said; I also make macarons with leftover egg whites.
boulangere September 5, 2013
YES! His macaroons are the bomb!
David September 5, 2013
Chocolate Mousse
Cristina S. September 5, 2013
I concur with all HalfPint mentioned above. I also like to make these meringues in particular: http://food52.com/recipes/22681-basil-lemon-meringues.
HalfPint September 5, 2013
You can freeze for later use. You can make a pavlova, meringue cookies, marshmallows, French nougat, eggwhite quiche, egg white omelet, angel food cake. My favorite is the pavlov, topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

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HalfPint September 5, 2013
The angel food cake will probably use up all 9 whites. A chocolate angel food cake is sublime. Rose Levy Beranbaum (The Cake Bible) has a great recipe and I think it uses about 9-10 whites for her Chocolate Angel Food Cake.
mjk September 5, 2013
I like to add a couple of whole eggs. some onion green pepper, potato and make a frittata.
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