There Are a Lot of Brand New Food Emojis and None of Them Are Pie

October 23, 2015

A picture is worth a thousand words, and so I'm as happy as any smartphone user about the introduction of the latest suite of emojis. At long last, I can describe my most recent badminton match—which I played poorly in the desert, told my opponent how I really feel, and crawled into a hole—or my day at work (railway trackwriting hand, keyboard, linked paperclipscityscape), all without typing a single word. Magic!

Tacos  Cheese

For those of us who work at Food52, the most exciting additions are the food-themed ones: The oft-requested cheese and taco emojis have been realized, the latter resplendent with tender neon-green lettuce shreds atop a layer of ground beef; combined with the brand new burrito and chili pepper emojis, you have all of the makings of your next taco night. 

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Taco  Cheese

Also new: The hot dog and popcorn, which look like they might sprout legs, link arms, and remind you not to talk during the movie as they dance off screen. The bottle of sparkling wine, cork mid-burst from the bottle's mouth, is very festive—but one has to wonder why the designers chose to release it (and the fairly nondescript place setting) with the taco and popcorn et al. 

It makes one wonder: What exactly is the emoji design process like? Who is on the emoji design team, and when they all sit down together to brainstorm what emojis will be next, is it similar to what must happen in the rooms where marketing whizzes sit down to discuss what their restaurant's big idea—their next Big Mac—will be?

And so, emoji design team, are you listening? The Food52 team has a few requests: pie, of course (the red apple + knife + sparkles + heart eyes combo just won't cut it any longer), avocados, butter, kale, crabs, bacon—and, while you're at it, a lava lamp, please. 

Photo of tacos by Bobbi Lin, photo of cheese plate by James Ransom, emoji images via Emojipedia

What emojis do you wish existed? Make your requests in the comments.

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HalfPint October 23, 2015
At least there's one for cake.
Carmen L. October 23, 2015
There's no bacon?! what!
Erin J. October 23, 2015
Words cannot describe how I ache for a pie emoji. I have so many pie related emotions.
amysarah October 23, 2015
Will getting its own emoji signal that kale has finally officially jumped the shark? (Insert shark emoji.)