8 Chocolatey Desserts for When You Don't Feel Like Apple Pie

October 23, 2015

Despite all the talk of apples and pecans and pumpkins, all we really want is chocolate (and we're not going to apologize!).

From baker Yossy Arefi (who is known for her fruit desserts but clearly knows what to do with cocoa), here are 8 ways to eat chocolate—which is timeless and classic and always in season—for dessert and any occasion:

For when you're feeling sophisticated...

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Viennese Sachertorte: two layers of light chocolate brushed with rum syrup, sandwiched with apricot jam, and glazed with a chocolate glaze 


For when you need something a little salty, but it's time for dessert...

Tartine's Salted Chocolate Rye Cookies: brownie-like texture, with a sour tang from rye flour and a sprinkle of flaky salt


For when you need chocolate for breakfast...

Chocolate babka: a rich brioche dough swirled with chocolate, almonds, and cinnamon, then topped with brown sugar streusel


For when a celebration is in order...

Chocolate Cake: the smoothest and creamiest buttercream you've ever tasted—oh yeah, and chocolate cake


For when you can't make up your mind about chocolate or vanilla...

Mini Black and White Cookies: cake-like cookies with a vanilla-chocolate identity crisis 


For when you're willing to take a chance...

Chocolate soufflé: a base of egg yolks and melted chocolate lightened with whipped egg whites and baked until puffy and proud


For when only the tallest, most magnificent dessert will do...

Chocolate Coffee Ice Cream Cake: Alice Medrich's brownies topped with coffee ice cream, broken brownie pieces, and a layer of no-churn ice cream


For when you want to stop and smell the flowers... 

Chocolate and Bergamot Sandwiches: sandy deep chocolate cookies scented with bergamot (the floral citrus flavor of Earl Tea) and glued together with still more chocolate

Photos by Yossy Arefi

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Henry J. October 26, 2015
more great ideas like these, please.