A Haiku or Two, on Cozying Up

October 24, 2015

Our thoughts on food and cooking
In seventeen beats. 



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all i want is the
knit quilt my grandma made me
despite being ""too old"


All the blankets, shams
i keep folded, tidy, neat
my cat warms the most

Photo by Mark Weinberg

What's you're favorite way to cozy up at this time of year? Tell us (in verse!) in the comments.

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The Magical Mini Guide 
to Cozy Weekends

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JOEY January 5, 2016
Do you have any
Idea how much tea I own
It is laughable
marymary October 26, 2015
Tea and pumpkin pie,
Whipped cream teetering on both,
Curled up by the fire
Rebecca F. October 25, 2015
They cook forever.
Steel cut oats, my friends, you are
a pain in the neck.
Keirsten M. October 24, 2015
when I drink hot tea
it warms way up to the brim
of my cozy heart