Here's the Best Thing Our Manager of Email Marketing Cooked This Week

October 28, 2015

We get asked all the time: What do you cook at home? Here's some inspiration from Jovan Stojanovich, our manager of email marketing:

This weekend I was watching an episode of a popular cooking show that featured a very simple technique for roasting chicken. Then I remembered that my grandmother used to serve Cornish hens to guests—so glam!—on special occasions. I put the two together for a simple and delicious dinner.

Cornish hen

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All I used was one onion, one bulb of garlic, some vegetable oil, a few lemons, and salt and pepper to taste. After chopping up the onion, I oiled the bird, seasoned it, and stuffed it with half the garlic (skins and all), and a few lemon wedges. Then, in a cast iron pan, I surrounded the bird with the chopped onion, the rest of the garlic and lemon wedges, and sprinkled a bit more salt and pepper over everything. I baked the whole thing in the oven, uncovered, at about 400° F until the skin was brown and crispy and the juices were clear.

I have to mention, too, that I watched Amanda and Merrill's video on carving a bird to help me with that part. And it worked beautifully!

Photo by Jovan Stojanovich

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Natalia A. October 30, 2015
Llana G. October 29, 2015
Looks delicious!
Jovan October 29, 2015
Jovan October 29, 2015
That was supposed to be an emoji. Hehe.
Connie October 29, 2015
Cooked breast side down the entire time?
Jovan October 29, 2015
I did it twice (bought a package of two birds). The first, I cooked breast side down because I wasn't paying attention. The second time, breast side down, the result was much better!
Jovan October 29, 2015
Breast side up the second time, I meant. :)
Lil October 28, 2015
Hannah W. October 28, 2015
Such a great photo!!!