A Haiku or Two, on Daylight Savings Time

October 31, 2015

Our thoughts on food and cooking
In seventeen beats. 



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such a funny phrase,
"daylight savings"—saving what?
dark by 4 PM.


To fall back doesn’t
mean you will lose your balance,
but that you gain time.

Photo by James Ransom

This is a safe space to express yourself. Share your feelings (in haiku form!) in the comments. 

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aargersi November 1, 2015
If you cut a foot<br />Off the end of a blanket<br />And then sew it on<br /><br />To the other end<br />The blanket is not longer<br />Leave the clocks alone
Lindsay-Jean H. November 2, 2015
YES.<br /><br />longer day only<br />'cuz kid wakes up earlier<br />but has same bedtime
Robert K. November 1, 2015
I've noticed something <br />About falling back in fall<br />More sleep is better
Heidi D. November 1, 2015
Thick body-mind clouds<br />residual from nighttime abundance<br />a sliver clearer for the hour gain
Treebird November 1, 2015
Sun light when I wake <br />Makes me happy in Autumn<br />I love standard time
vvvanessa November 1, 2015
i crave standard time<br />early darkness and crisp air<br />promote nesting mode