Our Latest Contest: Your Best Show-Stopping Holiday Main

November  9, 2015

So much of the holidays are about tradition and nostalgia—so we do the same things year after year: the same holiday cookies, the same candlesticks, the same decorations pulled out of the same boxes. 

But the last thing you want is for nostalgia or tradition to become doing it by rote, and sometimes, in the midst of all that tradition, we just want something that will shake us to our roots. There's no better place to change things up than your holiday table headliner: the entrée.


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What's the holiday main your dinner guests are still talking about—or the entrée that you haven't been able to stop dreaming of since your brother-in-law carried it ceremoniously out to the table last year? Maybe it was a whole, oven-roasted cauliflower with whipped goat cheese, or a platter of pork chops with rosemary-roasted grapes, or a beaut of a roast chicken. Show us the show-stoppers you can't wait to grace the table with.

Head over to the contest page to submit your most stunning holiday mains.

Photo by James Ransom

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