Deep-Dish Pot Pie, Where All Chicken (and Thanksgiving Turkey) Leftovers Want to Be

November 11, 2015

Back in June, resident pie whisperer Erin McDowell posted a recipe for gargantuan deep-dish cherry pie. This thing is crazy (if you made it, I want to know you)—but not that outlandish for Erin.

Photo by Mark Weinberg

Exhibit A: The deep-dish (with 4 pounds of cherries) was inspired by a deep-dish chicken pot pie she made last winter, as she explains in the article. She was cold, it was winter, so she made a deep-dish pot pie (duh?). And the people rightfully wondered: "Pause right there. Deep-dish chicken pot pie?"

Deep-dish sweet or savory—that is a very hard question.

The weather has cooled down again and Erin is ready to explain herself and her deep-dish pot pie—the ultimate dinner option for crust lovers, how to make a king of chicken (or Thanksgiving turkey) leftovers, how to up your pie game x 100, and how to win the hearts and bellies of all your loved ones.

Its contents aren't anything shocking: leftover chicken or turkey—plus onion, celery, carrots, and peas—plus dough. The secret weapon is the crust because it isn't an afterthought, there's a lot of it, and it's definitely not soggy. There's a substantial amount of golden brown crust in every bite. And, need we remind you: You get to eat pie for dinner.

Photo by Alpha Smoot

To make a deep-dish chicken pot pie, you'll need the recipe, but you'll also want to refer to Erin's tips for making deep-dish pie. There's some science involved, but luckily Erin figured it all out for us.

Now if she'll just tackle the deep-dish pumpkin pie, we'll have fall pretty much covered.


Martha November 17, 2016
I made this last fall. It was fabulous though it took hours to make. I thought I'd allotted enough time but had to cut into a little too soon and it was runny. Delicious but runny. I want to say it was a 5 hour process but honestly can't remember. I do remember that I realized, too late, that some steps could be done ahead to help minimize. I'll have to try it again and figure it out all over! Then perhaps I'll have a more helpful report.
gugs November 14, 2015
What non-dairy product could be used in place of the cream? Is rice milk or soy milk better?
Kelli H. November 14, 2015
I made the deep dish pumpkin pie you were hoping for, before I even saw this post, I thought I had come up with an original, ah well....here it is.......http://www.crustpies.com/order_holiday_pie
Amy S. November 12, 2015
After watching The Great British Bake-off, this reminds me of British meat pies.
Nancy M. November 11, 2015
THAT is impressive. The presentation alone... if you brought this to a potluck you could just drop the mic, then walk away!
Madeline H. November 11, 2015
Wow. Just. Wow. <3 <3