11 Noodle Soups to Warm You to Your Core

November 12, 2015

There are a few requirements for a perfect noodle soup: 

1. The ratio of noodles to other things should be 1:1.
2. The broth should have lots going for it on its own.
3. The soup should absorb whatever leftovers or half-empty containers are living in your pantry or fridge (like Thanksgiving turkey).
4. It should warm you right to your center. This might also mean fogging up your glasses.
5. There should be lots of slurping involved.

Here are some of our most favorite, slurpiest noodle soups, the ones that tick all the boxes, make our cheeks rosy and our noses run, and are the next best thing to a wool sweater:

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Khao Suey (Burmese Style Curried Noodle Soup) by Rinku Bhattacharya /Spice Chronicles

Khao suey


Bacon & Egg Ramen by Aliwaks



Turkey Pho by WinnieAb



Greek Lemon Soup—Avgolemono by ChristineQ



Turmeric-Miso Soup with Shiitakes, Turnips, and Soba Noodles with by Lindsay S. Love | Dolly and Oatmeal



Reform Jewish Penicillin by drbabs

Chicken noodle


Heidi Swanson's Spicy Green Soup by Genius Recipes

Spicy green


Somen Noodles and Haddock in Lemongrass-Carrot Broth by Alexandra Stafford



Cold-Weather Soupe au Pistou by Caroline Lange



Persian New Year's Noodle Soup by Gena Hamshaw



Massaman-Inspired Chicken Noodle Soup by hardlikearmour


What's your go-to noodle soup? Give us a not-recipe in the comments.

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