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A Haiku or Two, on Our Favorite Foods

November 14, 2015

Our thoughts on food and cooking
In seventeen beats.

Photo by Bobbi Lin


my inky cravings:
black sesame, black currant,
licorice, coffee.


dessert forever,
sweets all day. though, i confess,
sometimes i need salt.

What do you crave? Go ahead and express yourself—in verse—in the comments.


Maya November 16, 2015
A double haiku about a much-beloved fruit :)<br /><br />Yellow crescent joy,<br />fast to be devoured by I;<br />never to form spots.<br /><br />How then, will quick bread<br />ever perchance comprise of<br />ripe uneaten banana?
henandchicks November 15, 2015
perfect perfect eggs<br />cooked as many ways as there <br />are folds in my hat
Margaret November 15, 2015
Ode to an Apple/<br />Oh Apple,I am charmed and beguiled.<br />From the first intimate crunch,this mouthful of celestial joy begins to court me with its honeyed laughter and dreamy blossom field perfume.<br />I can't blame Eve entirely.
Charlie B. November 15, 2015
Pescatarian's<br />Occasional craving<br />Rosemary, lamb chops.<br />
Charlie B. November 15, 2015
AntoniaJames November 14, 2015
Chewy fresh noodles<br />from Oakland Chinatown with<br />homemade XO sauce.<br /><br />;o) My deepest, heartfelt thanks to the wise (and generous) halfpint, for sharing on the Hotline the XO sauce recipe (from, which has made many dinners at my house appreciably better these past few months.