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Our Very First Instagram Ever (and 19 of Our Favorites Since)

November 23, 2015

Big news: We just hit one million—one million—Instagram followers. And we'd like to thank you, and you, and you, and you, and our photographers, and every good snack we've eaten since we started 'gramming in 2011.

To celebrate, we took a little tour down memory lane, a.k.a. our very own Instagram feed, which is home to some real gems, from #f52grams, pre-renovation photos of Amanda Hesser's kitchen (home of the first photo shoots), and some very cute shots of Food52 kiddos Clara, Addison, and Walker (among others).

Here's the first Instagram @food52 ever took—and 19 of our favorite photos since:

Something Genius is coming.

A photo posted by Food52 (@food52) on

James Ransom photographs as Kristen Miglore cooks. It has only 6 likes, and the caption "Something Genius is coming."

A game of chess with @jamesransom_nyc! Yes, those are cream puffs.

A photo posted by Food52 (@food52) on

James plays chess with cream puffs while on set at Amanda's house.

Playing with our food.

A photo posted by Food52 (@food52) on

Playing with our food.

Yes, that's our shopmaster, @8ateateight, with a whole leg of ibérico.

A photo posted by Food52 (@food52) on

Christina DiLaura—then, beginning to build Provisions, which would become our Shop—with a whole leg of ibérico ham.

This morning's activity: playing with shadows @NowThisNews

A photo posted by Food52 (@food52) on

Shadowplay. Can you guess who those gals are?

There goes @kenzisaltstreet raiding the wine stash at F52 HQ again.

A photo posted by Food52 (@food52) on

Then-intern (now-managing editor) Kenzi Wilbur peruses the wine selection at Amanda's house the studio.

It's over!

A photo posted by Food52 (@food52) on

Kenzi breaks down her first-ever Piglet party.

[email protected] starts her day off right with some casual lobster yoga.

A photo posted by Food52 (@food52) on

Just a little lobster yoga.

File this under: sad things that happen on Mondays.

A photo posted by Food52 (@food52) on

Occupational hazards...

And this is what our face cake looked like.

A photo posted by Food52 (@food52) on

Sometimes you've just gotta put the team's faces on a cake.

Senior editor @miglorious keeps us in line. (#regram via @bstarwarshaw)

A photo posted by Food52 (@food52) on

Kristen keeps the rowdy editors in line.

With an oven on the fritz, test kitchen dream team Allison Bruns Buford and Erin McDowell make do.

We guess this counts as playing with your food? #sconehenge (regram via @ryanahamilton)

A photo posted by Food52 (@food52) on

Stonehenge? How about Sconehenge?

Celebrating office pup Spanky's 12th birthday in style.

Quick @food52 family photo sesh.

A photo posted by Food52 (@food52) on

*Family photo time! Kristen, Amanda, Sarah Jampel, and Marian Bull pose with longtime Food52 users mrslarkin and gingerroot.

Important announcement: @posiehh made @handmadecharlotte's soup hippos. That is all.

A photo posted by Food52 (@food52) on

Look! At! These! Bread! Hippos!

Genius makes the leap from column to book! And then becomes a New York Times bestseller.

Erin's doughnuts make us feel like this.

We hit the big 500K followers on Instagram in May!

Ali Slagle at a cookbook shoot in Merrill's backyard.

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