From Where We're Answering Your Thanksgiving Hotline Questions

November 25, 2015

Over on the hotline, the Food52 team is answering your burning Thanksgiving questions in ten minutes or less. Go ahead, try to stump us—we're ready, from wherever we may be answering:

Amanda Sims takes the most comfortable position in the office for full agility to answer questions.
If Leslie's answers seem...debatable, here's why (by the way, she's in the office).
Kristen is at the Western Massachusetts home her brother is fixing up—where they will NOT be cooking Thanksgiving (that's what AirBnB is for!)
Tomorrow night, Kenzi's family's dining room table will have a feast. Right now, though, it's turkey troubleshooting HQ.
Caroline is calm, focused, and ready to answer your questions with cheer (and a smile).
If someone asks about Mollie Katzen's Mushroom Yogurt Pie with Spinach Crust (shown right), Sam is ready for the answer (and to taste test).

More: Get the recipe for Mollie Katzen's Mushroom Yogurt Pie with Spinach Crust.

I'm multitasking—and have maybe already dipped into the stuffing. Sustenance is critical.
Sarah takes sustenance very seriously from her family's home in Baltimore. (And confession: That is an out-of-season tomato!)
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