Need Thanksgiving Help? Our Editors Are on Call (Really!)

November 11, 2016

Ever since we launched the Hotline in 2010, we've been here to guide you through cooking dilemmas and answer all your burning questions. And for the past several holidays, we've been watching the Hotline closely for 11th-hour questions like how to reduce the cook time for a smaller turkey, recommendations for a nut-free sweet potato casserole topping (Merrill said quinoa and sugar!), and how to make a pumpkin pie less runny (according to Amanda, strain and reduce the purée!).

Last Thanksgiving, we decided to make things even more official, and this year we're doing it again:

Starting the Tuesday before and running through the end of Thanksgiving, the editors will be on call most waking hours (9 A.M. through 9 P.M. on Tuesday, 9 A.M. through 11 P.M. on Wednesday; 7 A.M. onward on Thursday) to answer all of your Turkey Day cooking (and entertaining!) questions in 10 minutes or less. Amanda and Merrill will be joining in the fun (as will other special guests—check back next Thursday to find out who!), so mark your calendars now!

Turkey not looking quite like this? We're just a Hotline question away! Photo by Bobbi Lin

Gravy on the fritz? Turkey a little too crispy? You’ll have access to our combined baking, roasting, and basting expertise, and we’ll be continuing our favorite tradition of helping your Thanksgiving run just a little smoother. Fun fact: Julia Child kept her home phone number publicly listed—and every Thanksgiving, it would ring off the hook with strangers asking for her advice.

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Just think of us as your personal army of Julia Childs—just a Hotline ask away. See if you can stump us! (Oh, and happy Thanksgiving!)

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