From Where We Stand: Our Weekend in Photos

November 30, 2015

A glimpse into our editors' lives: Here's how the world looks from where we stood this Thanksgiving weekend.

Photo by Merrill Stubbs

Who cares about turkey when you have Amanda Hesser's mashed butternut squash at the table? Hands-down crowd favorite. —Merrill

Photo by Leslie Stephens

Just giving my wort (A.K.A. baby beer) an ice bath mid-home brew to cool it down before pitching the yeast. In two weeks it'll be an IPA! Not pictured: My cat trying to climb in with it. (This photo is making me realize that next weekend's project may be cleaning the grout.) —Leslie

Photo by Ali Slagle

In Montreal, you can Airbnb your dream Brooklyn loft for, like, $20—and they throw in a Christmas tree and snow flurries! Canada is so nice. —Ali

Photo by Caroline Lange

It was my first time in Asheville—so where did I go? To Biscuit Head, for cathead biscuits (named for their metaphorical size) and a rainbow of house-made jams. —Caroline

Photo by Gabi Benedit

The amazing tree behind the old schoolhouse we rented upstate this weekend. It looks like it was hit by a lightning bolt many, many years ago, but has not given up on life. —Gabi

Photo by Amanda Hesser

My grandmother's kitchen, built by my grandfather in the early 70s. Bushels of crabs, countless jars of pickles and jam, and so many great meals have been cooked here. (Note that there is no dishwasher.) Just the other day, at 99, she made a yeasted cream cheese danish. She's a gem. —Amanda H.

Photo by Lindsay-Jean Hard

Green Beans and Mushrooms and Florentine Fennel Gratin: Just two of the many Food52 dishes that I ate on Thanksgiving—and enjoyed the leftovers of all weekend long, too. —Lindsay-Jean

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Amanda S. November 30, 2015
Leslie, did you already go through the first batch of beers??
AntoniaJames November 30, 2015
All time latest ever start in preparing/putting Thanksgiving dinner on the table - 3:45 PM. Hiked Mt. Tam - Benstein to Laurel Dell Road to Cataract Falls, down Cataract Trail back to Rock Spring lot; headed down the mountain for a light picnic lunch near Stinson Beach. Dinner was mostly made ahead of time - quite a fun challenge this year because we also went away the weekend before, for one of our favorite challenging hikes south of Carmel.
Thanksgiving dinner was on the table in about two hours. One of our best, ever.
Friday, we did what we'd be doing even without REI's encouragement, opting outside at the redwood forest near our house. More details here: ;o)
Kenzi W. November 30, 2015
I make Amanda's butternut every year too, Merrill!
PG T. November 30, 2015
The white knobs on grainy dark cabinets, the wood ringed wall clock, the nautical knickknacks, cheapo Revere Ware pots (guessing), the (fairly orderly) clutter - so refreshingly resistant to the oppressively ubiquitous stripped down Shaker esthetic de rigueur on FOOD52 & many food blogs. Real life opposed to an art director's arrangement. Go Grandma!