12 Recipes that Celebrate the Miracle of Oil

December 23, 2015

Are they biblical? Nope. Are they delicious? You bet your latke they are. Pull out the heavy-bottomed pan and the canola oil, and gather your pals around: Make these 12 fried treats to celebrate Hanukkah and the miracle of oil.

Zengoula with Lemon Syrup (Iraqi Funnel Cakes) by Alice Medrich

Photo by Bobbi Lin

Curly Fries by Ali Slagle

Photo by James Ransom

Ricotta Fritters (Castagnole di Ricotta) by Emiko

Photo by Emiko Davies

Olive all'Ascolana by arielleclementine

Photo by James Ransom

Buttermilk Fried Chicken by Ashley Rodriguez

Photo by Ashley Rodriguez

Fried Mushrooms with Smoked Paprika Remoulade by EmilyC

Photo by Bobbi Lin

Fried Goat Cheese with Honey and Black Pepper by Alexandra Higgins

Photo by Bobbi Lin

Fried Angel Biscuit Donuts by Sarah Coates

Photo by Sarah Coates

Fried Plaintains by fiveandspice

Photo by fiveandspice

Multi-Layered Scallion Pancakes by Mandy @ Lady and pups

Photo by Mandy @ Lady and pups

Chickpea Fries with Yogurt Dipping Sauce by Justforlicks

Photo by James Ransom

Wonder Fries by vvvanessa

Photo by James Ransom

Do you make any nontraditional Hanukkah treats? Tell us—and tell us the stories behind them—in the comments.

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This article originally appeared on December 7, 2015. We're re-running it now because Hanukkah starts tomorrow!

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    Coco et Cocoa
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sydney December 25, 2016
Love this feature! I'm a little latke-worn and there are some really fun things here.
Coco E. December 7, 2015
I grew up in Taiwan, at a time when the duo milk and calories was considered the ultimate formula for healthy children. So, every time there was a cause for celebration, she prepared 'fried milk', or sheet pans of crème patissiere chilled to set, cut into cubes, dipped in tempura batter, then deep fried in peanut oil - all in perfect conscience, of course.
Coco E. December 7, 2015
(In reference to my mother.)