A Haiku or Two, on Holiday Cookies

December 12, 2015

Our thoughts on food and cooking
In seventeen beats.

Photo by James Ransom

cookies, i do not
even love you. is this what
they call peer pressure?

is there another
food that tastes so much better
before it gets baked?

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Go ahead, share your cookie feelings—your rants, your raves. We're here to listen.


marymary December 14, 2015
Holiday Cookies<br />Small bites with too much sugar <br />Pies are the real prize
Caroline L. December 15, 2015
Jason December 13, 2015
Ok, I'm not really believing these were rolled to 1/2 inch thick, by looking at the picture. I rolled the dough, after being chilled to 1/2 inch and mine didn't spread at all.
Caroline L. December 15, 2015
i'm glad to hear your cookies didn't spread!
Jason December 15, 2015
Hmmm, I'm not. They don't look anything like the picture and are way too thick..?
Jason December 13, 2015
@Lakeesha that's your assignment. Please send the final work to me. :)
Lakeesha M. December 13, 2015
Am I the only one expecting the haikus to be literally written on the cookies? Just me? Ok...
marymary December 14, 2015
Hahahaha. Thanks for the chuckle. <br />
Caroline L. December 15, 2015
if only!!! this is my next baking project.
Jason December 12, 2015
What would make this post better is a link to the cookies shown in the article.
Lindsay-Jean H. December 13, 2015
You can read more about them in this article: and this recipe: