Last-Minute Gift Ideas: The Best Foods to Send By Mail

December 19, 2015

I'm not going to lie. I was always kind of skeptical of mail-order food gifts.

I'd see the catalogues come in and wonder how things stayed good, or how on earth people could receive slabs of perfectly marbled steaks by post. It wasn't until my first year of college, when a box of two dozen pears arrived in my mailbox, that I truly changed my mind. I ate at least a dozen of them with a spoon, and spent the rest of my finals week in a pear-filled dream state, munching on them during exams and sneaking them with chocolate in the library.

Since then, I've slowly been trying to expand my repertoire​ of mail-order food presents. And clearly, many members of our community are too: Years ago Michele Ludmer asked the Hotline for recommendations for a good mail-order food gift and the discussion gets revived year after year. Here are some of your favorite ideas:

Photo by James Ransom
  • TheFritschKitchen loved a package of fresh cinnamon and a cinnamon grater that her mother-in-law sent.
  • SMSF recommends Nueskes for their delicious smoked bacon and hams. Luvcookbooks also recommends ordering some of their kringle to have on hand during the holiday season.
  • According to Nancy, you can't go wrong with fresh nuts, especially from the South.
Photo by James Ransom

Do you have a favorite food to send at the holidays? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Taylor Rondestvedt

Written by: Taylor Rondestvedt

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Jennifer J. December 20, 2015
Cummins Nursery in upstate NY, heirloom Apple boxes with varieties you've never heard of that will amaze and delight