Hot Toddy with Dried Cherries and Lime

December 31, 2010

Our 2nd Annual A&M Smackdown is upon us! See Amanda make her updated classic Hot Toddy with Dried Cherries and Lime, perfect for sipping fireside.

This week's videos were once again shot and edited by filmmaker Elena Parker. For more hot toddy inspiration, go here.

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ChefJune January 2, 2011
mmmm Mai Tais! Now there's a great topic for a Smackdown. ;)
annamakena January 2, 2011
watching this from warm Honolulu - so wishing the smackdown was on Mai Tai vs. Blue Hawaii.. But looks tasty and will remember when I get home and the next snowstorm hits...
hardlikearmour January 1, 2011
I made Amanda's toddy last night, and plan on making Merrill's this evening. I loved the boozy cherries! Next time I'll add more. Cheers and Happy New Year A&M!
warren_bobrow January 1, 2011
My hot buttered Root (tea) is one of the most unique drinks in recent memory. First of all the spirit, Root is USDA Certified Organic. Of course the drink is topped with sweet butter and fleur de sel. Because butter makes everything taste better!
ChefJune January 1, 2011
I have never been big on hot spirita or wine, but this sounds really interesting. Butter sure does make everything better. ;)
Taste O. January 1, 2011
I second that first comment~
sygyzy December 31, 2010
You guys look like you'd be so much fun to hang out with.
Merrill S. January 1, 2011
What a nice thing to say. Happy New Year!
Amanda H. January 1, 2011
Well, especially after we've had some hot toddies... :)